The Stanford Group-Solamere connection: a Romney scandal the media is just waiting to write about

Kevin “Coach” Collins
Coach is Right

The Stanford Group ponzi swindle stands second only to the Madoff ponzi scheme as the biggest in history. As revealed in 2009, Allen Stanford swindled over $8 billion from his investors by selling them worthless securities.

Stealing $8 billion is something that requires help; you really can’t do it alone. In the case of Allen Stanford he had help from men who now have “extensive financial and political ties to Tagg Romney (Mitt’s son) and Spencer Zwick his chief fundraiser”, according to a new report by Lee Fang posted on a far Leftist website [CAJ note: article here at Think Progress]. Solamere a firm financed and founded with $10 million of Mitt Romney’s money and managed by Tagg Romney and Zwick. Solamere is connected to Stanford because three of Allen Stanford’s salesmen Tim Bambauer, who served as a “Managing Director” for Stanford, Deems May (a former NFL player for nine years), and Brandon Phillips who was a salesman for Stanford, joined Tagg Romney to help run Solamere Advisors, a financial products firm. Because these three sold financial products for Stanford, Romney’s promise to repeal Dodd- Frank becomes somewhat suspect and potentially grounds for non stop media attacks on Romney.

In classic Clinton-speak, Romney’s campaign spokeswoman recently made this statement about this matter: “Mitt Romney has no ties to the Stanford Financial Group or any of its activities…” This is not reassuring since there is no allegation that Romney was had “ties” to Stanford, but rather that his son Tagg and Chief fundraiser Zwick now do…

The article continues at Coach is Right.

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