The Susan Rice promotion: Revenge or reward?

Jena McGregor
The Washington Post

When the New York Times broke the news Wednesday morning of National Security Adviser Tom Donilon‘s resignation, it wrote that naming U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as his replacement represents a “defiant gesture to Republicans.” Others called Rice’s promotion Obama’s “end run.” One observer tweeted that with the naming of Rice, “Obama takes it to the hoop, daring opposition to foul him.” And writing for Bloomberg, Jeffrey Goldberg called Rice’s promotion a “thumb in the eyes of her Senate critics,” noting that “revenge is a dish best served cold. Except when it’s best served hot.”

It’s hard not to see the irony of the moment. Rice is a controversial figure among Republicans for comments she made on Sunday talk shows in the immediate aftermath of the attacks in Benghazi. Using prepared talking points, she said the event was in response to an Internet video rather than an act of terrorism. Those comments, in combination with the GOP’s uproar over the administration’s response to the Benghazi attacks, ultimately led Rice to withdraw from consideration for Secretary of State, the position Obama reportedly wanted her to have. That role would have required a difficult Senate confirmation process. The position of national security adviser does not

…the national security adviser has become one of a president’s most powerful behind-the-scenes operators. As Bloomberg’s Goldberg writes, “Rice will be, in effect, Kerry’s supervisor,” one that puts her in the president’s “innermost ring of power.”…

The entire article is at The Washington Post.


Update:  Michelle Malkin on Facebook:

Obama’s promotion of lying liar Susan Rice wasn’t just a “poke in the eye.” It was a MIDDLE FINGER to the Benghazi victims and their families.

And career smear merchant James Carville, who called Benghazi “nothing,” deserves no respect. Video of our debate on Hannity


Update 2: Some of the President’s supporters post to Facebook:

“In your face! Motherfucking-douchebag-Republicans!”




Also, Obama administration defends Verizon records order

The Obama administration is defending itself against charges it secretly obtained records for Verizon phone calls made in the United States, arguing that the policy is a vital tool in monitoring terrorists and has the approval of “all three branches of government,” according to a senior administration official…


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