The Tea Party menace spreads to Europe

Mark Hemmingway
Washington Examiner

It seems that European ruling class are recoiling in horror at over the fact that American tea partiers are finding a receptive Continental audience. In fact, the Nowegian Labour Party Secretary recently took to Huffington Post to sound the alarm about “Tea Party Fear in Europe.” Michael Moynihan of Reason, who has spent years living in Europe, notes the hypocrisy is rich:

Tea Parties? Not in Europe. Never. The pitchfork-toting crowd is a peculiar byproduct of the misinformed, disturbed politics of the United States, where Lindberghs, Limbaughs, and Levins have always proliferated. Protest movements on the continent, like the May 1st protests in Kungsträdgården, under a sea of Cuban flags and photos of Marx and Mao, are a more civilized celebration of dictatorship and egalitarianism.

Or how about the protests in Greece, where Tea Parti…errr…left-wing protesters took to the streets again today to demand that, as the government and economy collapses, that no austerity measures be taken. The result? Three people dead in the firebombing of a bank in Athens…

The article continues at the Washington Examiner.

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