The Testimony of Simon Admiraal at the Geert Wilders Trial

Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna

…Mr. Admiraal, in contrast to Wafa Sultan (whose testimony followed his) is a Western scholar of Islam, and specializes in radical Islamic preachers, particularly in Rotterdam. Once again, to have this material broadcast live on Dutch television and read into the public record of the trial is a milestone of enormous (and devastating) significance. If I were a member of the Dutch political establishment, right about now I would be trying desperately to figure out some face-saving means of making this all go away as soon as possible…

…01:53 One can speak of an Islamic ideology. Islam is more than a religion; it also has,
02:00 given the Sharia, a social, political and legal component. It’s an ideology. That is fully clear to me.
02:12 There follows fact 1, first quote: “A moderate Islam” until “is from this book”.
02:24 In the science there is not consensus on the question whether there exists a moderate Islam.
02:29 There are moderate Muslims, these are people who try to reform Islam.
02:35 I dare not mention a percentage of the total number of Muslims. Spiritual leaders make no distinction:
02:42 There is only one Islam. Anything else would be insulting.
02:49 Islam has not yet been reformed. If you are a kafir, or an apostate, you are outlawed.
02:56 For example, the assassination of Sadat. Sadat was viewed as a kafir.
03:01 Another example is the assassination of Farag Fouda, in Egypt.
03:06 There was a sheikh who defended his murderers, and said [Fouda] was an apostate.
03:12 In the Sharia it is stated that apostates should be put to death.
03:17 The magistrate asked me what the Sharia says about people who do not want to join Islam.
03:23 There are accepted minorities, who must keep to certain rules. A non-Muslim may not marry
03:28 a Muslim woman, in Morocco, for instance, there is a Hebrew Charter for Jews.
03:35 If you leave Islam, this has all kinds off legal consequences, such as for your marriage
03:39 or your position as heir. As example I mention Nasr Abu Zayd.
03:46 He tried to reform Islam and subsequently had to deal with Sharia. His marriage was dissolved for this reason…

…04:55 Of Jews is spoken as inferior beings. I can mention the following locations. Chapter 2, verse 65;
05:02 chapter 5, verse 60; chapter 7, verse 166; chapter 8, verse 55 and chapter 62, verse 5.
05:16 Jews are compared with among others: monkeys, pigs, the worst animals, and donkeys…

…05:43 Mister Admiraal says: I am no expert on fascism. On the comparison between the Qur’an and Mein Kampf,
05:50 I refer to the book of Craig Winn, Prophet of Doom, published in Canada in 2004.
05:57 In this book, Winn draws a direct relationship between the Qur’an and Mein Kampf.
06:03 He tries to show that there is a relationship between the body of thought of the Qur’an and Mein Kampf.
06:09 The book, Prophet of Doom, provides verifiable quotes. I see this book a standalone study.
06:16 Islamo-fascism also spoken of. In America that term is used more often,
06:23 and there is no agitation against it when it is said. In this is understood the Islamic version
06:29 of fascism which focuses on religiously-based violence.
06:33 Islamic domination by means of violence…

The entire transcript can be read at Gates of Vienna where there are two additional video clips.

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