The Texan who stole the show at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

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Amanda Thatcher

Amanda Thatcher



After being carried through the streets of London in a flag-draped coffin aboard a gun carriage, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was laid to rest this morning in St. Paul’s Cathedral. But the big story of the day wasn’t Maggie. No, it was a 19-year-old Texan who stole the show from the deceased Iron Lady.

With a poise reminiscent of the elder Thatcher, Amanda Thatcher, Margaret’s granddaughter, delivered a reading from Epistles that has the British media agog. Amanda, who lives with her mother in Texas, chose a rather militant passage that calls on believers to “put on the whole armour of God.” But the reading was a good one, delivered with remarkable grace by a young woman suddenly thrust into the international spotlight. In a tweet that nicely summarized thebreathless British media reactionGuardian columnist Jonathan Freedland couldn’t help but speculate “whether somewhere a Texas Republican operative is watching Amanda Thatcher thinking ‘Wonder if she has political ambitions…'”

So who is Amanda Thatcher, and how did Maggie Thatcher’s granddaughter end up in Texas of all places?…


The article continues, with video of Ms. Thatcher, at Foreign Policy.

Also, Baroness Thatcher’s granddaughter says assured performance was “in the blood”


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Today on Facebook Sarah Palin wrote her thoughts of Margaret Thatcher and today’s funeral service:

…Margaret Thatcher was the epitome of everything feminists claim they support – a self-made woman who rose to power on her own merits without the patronage of any man. It’s time these liberal hypocrites showed her and women in general the same respect conservatives have all along. It’s disgraceful that America’s politicians snubbed her achievements, as Mrs. Thatcher helped secure our own union while setting a mighty example for women around the world. Like all great leaders, she belongs to the ages now, and I trust that time will only burnish the Iron Lady’s shining legacy when all these petty slights are long forgotten.


Sources: Menendez holding up vote on resolution honoring Margaret Thatcher

…“To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful,” Katherine Rosario of Heritage Action wrote on the blog. “One truly has to wonder, what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause?  Her unfaltering commitment to freedom?  Or perhaps the way she fought for individual liberty and limited government?”…


Update:   via telegraphtv on YouTube:

Watch the full funeral service from St Paul’s Cathedral as the Queen and representatives from 170 countries bid farewell to Baroness Thatcher.



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