The undead: Communism and Socialism

Why do socialism and communism continue to appeal to so many people even after they’ve been proven so wrong?




Legal Insurrection

Communism/Socialism is an idea whose time has always come, ever-fresh and ever-new. It keeps rearing its ugly head wearing a new mask, like some vampire returning in a different guise. But can’t we finally drive a stake through its wretched heart?

Robert Stacy McCain describes the latest renaissance of an idea that has persisted in the face of all empirical evidence to the contrary, and which was correctly critiqued by the economist Ludwig von Mises not long after the Soviets came to power…

…The wonder is that more people don’t believe that socialism/Commmunism is the answer to the world’s prayers, not that so many succumb to it in the first place. Never imagine that the fight, especially in the intellectual and educational and propaganda spheres, can be over. It would be too bad if each generation had to learn the lesson through personal suffering rather than in the realm of ideas.


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…As Dinklage referenced “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments,” this is the image that viewers saw:





…We tracked some the outrage that ensued on Twitter Friday night:




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At Blazing Cat Fur WTF? From the opening ceremonies in Sochi. Help me readers, what is this?



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‘Those dancers are spinning like Iranian centrifuges’: Jim Geraghty live-tweets Sochi opening ceremony

…In its Olympics coverage, NBC has already described the Soviet era as a “pivotal experiment,” but that doesn’t really capture the sense of decades of communism. National Review’s Jim Geraghty has really gotten into the spirit, swapping out his avatar for something red and live-tweeting (well, tape delay-tweeting) the opening ceremonies…



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“Inspired by Russia. Designed for you.”



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