The Virginian: There’s a novel campaign theme: Elect me because you’re too dumb to understand how smart I am

The Virginian

Michael Goodwin on Obama’s last press conference.

Tuning out and turning off the president does not fill me with gladness. He cannot be ignored.

But for now, I will leave that unhappy duty to others. I am tired of Barack Obama. There’s nothing new there. His speeches are like “Groundhog Day.”

His presidency is a spectacular failure, his historic mandate squandered by adherence to leftist ideology and relentless partisanship. His policies are crushing the prospects for growth and dooming the hopes of 24 million Americans who are unemployed or working part-time. …[snip]

Harry Truman ran against a “Do-Nothing” Congress. Obama is running against a “Know-Nothing” nation.

He can never be wrong. You always are, unless you agree with him.

That’s the story of his presidency. That’s who he is.

CAJ note: This is a smart and funny blog and we’re grateful to have found it via The Other McCain [Ann Althouse: Rube] and Datechguy’s Blog [Isn’t this post by Ann Althouse?]. We’ll be including this blog in our RSS feed but, for now, go to The Virginian.

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