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Harry Reid: Social Security is “off the table”


Via HuffPo, a case study in why nothing short of fiscal catastrophe will bring about bipartisan congressional cooperation on entitlement reform. To put this into context, a choice excerpt from last year’s report on the state of Social Security and Medicare from the program’s federal Trustees…

…For two years running, the annual deficit has exceeded the sum total of all discretionary spending. Meaning, if we eliminated everything from the budget, defense included, aside from entitlements and interest on the debt, we’d still be in the red at the end of the year. And yet, to this guy, Social Security’s “off the table.” We’re finished.

The entire article, with video, is at

Also, at, this video: Reid to Obama: ‘Back Off’ on Earmarks, You’ve ‘Got Enough Power’

Harry Reid told ABC’s Jonathan Karl President Obama is wrong when it comes to his supposed ‘earmark ban’ promised during his State of the Union address. Reid says he already has enough power- and thinks he’s trying to undercut the power of  congress.

“I think it’s taking power away from the legislative branch of government and giving it to the executive branch of government,” Reid said of the president’s plan. “The executive branch of government is powerful enough and I think that I know more about what Nevada needs than some bureaucrat down on K Street”, Reid said.

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