The Wrecking of ‘Obama Rex’: It Will Take Time

Big Government
16 Jan 2013

Virgil may be a cynic, but he has a heart. So he sympathizes with Republicans as they confront Barack Obama and his rogue presidency. I understand that the President is driving conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans crazy. Unfortunately, the right doesn’t have the luxury of acting crazy.

Specifically, if Obama is seeking an “imperial presidency,” as conservative radio talker Mark Levin correctly observes, there are ways to deal with such overreach within the political system–and there are ways not to. And Republicans have to learn the difference between effective opposition and simply throwing their political lives away on empty gestures…

…For now, Republicans must make Mr. Obama take ownership of his deficits and the debt (which has increased from $10.626 trillion the day he took office to $16.433 trillion on Wednesday). It’s impossible to negotiate with an ideologue, but Republicans can systematically unmask him and constrain him as much as their limited power allows, if they are united and acting in concert…

…Republicans must pick their battles carefully. The gun issue is a good battle, the debt ceiling is a bad battle. And another GSA scandal, or another Fast and Furious investigation, or another Susan Rice derailing–that would be best of all.

But such political gifts don’t just fall down from the trees. Republicans have to search for them, cultivate them, and harvest them.

So for now, Republicans need to seize their opportunities when and where they can. A few small victories are better than a single massive defeat.

The complete article is at Big Government.

RelatedMark Levin: Some of Obama’s Gun Control Executive Actions are “Fascistic” 

“Do we really want doctors reporting to the federal government if they think somebody might have violent tendencies? Do we really want to discourage people who have mental health issues, or people bringing them in to see their doctor, because they may become part of a national law enforcement database? How is that going to stop any crime?”

Congressman: If Obama Defies Constitution, We Will Defend It

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Provokes the American People

President Obama today is taking action that a majority of Americans disagree with.  He’s going down a road a majority of people disagree with.  He knows it.  The question is, why?  Why is Barack Obama literally trying to push people to snap?  Why is he doing this?  It’s as though in some way he’s attacking the very sanity of people in this country.  Why is he doing this?  Why is he deliberately making people so upset?…

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.28.28 PM

…Of course the president’s kids need armed protection! But you’re just a middle-level widget factory manager! You think anybody cares about your kids? More Matt Yglesias: “And, yes, I know your kids are more important TO YOU. But they’re less important to the country. That’s the point.” “Sorry[,] haters,” he writes, “a kidnapping of the First Kids would be a way bigger deal than a kidnapping of your kids.” So Matt Yglesias, thermometer of the left, barometer of the left, explains it.

Your kids don’t count.

Obama’s do.

Read the whole thing!

Update: Krauthammer: President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals Will Fall Apart at the Hands of Democrats

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer joined Sean Hannity to discuss President Obama’s executive actions on gun control. Krauthammer predicted that the president’s legislative proposals will collapse at the hands of Democrats.

He recalled, “The reason that gun control has not been an issue for 20 years is because it’s the Democrats who championed it in long ago days decided after the shellacking they took in the midterm election in Clinton’s first term, […] that they would not touch the issue again because public opinion was so strongly against them.”…

Update 2It’s Not The GOP’s Fault It Is Useless But It Is Useless

There are no easy answers to the current state of the conservative movement or the Republican Party. Even if there were they wouldn’t matter. The real problem is with the American people…

Also, Obama is Begging for Impeachment


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