There. Someone finally said the I-word

The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government from disallowing people the means to defend themselves against tyranny.

Rep. Stockman threatens Obama impeachment over guns

Ginger Gibson

…In a statement, Stockman didn’t hold back, saying Obama is launching an “attack on the very founding principles of this republic.”

“The President’s actions are an existential threat to this nation,” Stockman said in a statement. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms is what has kept this nation free and secure for over 200 years. The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government from disallowing people the means to defend themselves against tyranny. Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible.”…

…Stockman – a former House member who returned to Washington after 15 years this January to oppose John Boehner as speaker – said taking away guns requires due process and the consent of Congress…

The entire article is at Politico.

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Several times over the past four years knowledgeable friends have considered one or another of the President’s actions or positions and asked, “Isn’t that an impeachable offense?” Usually the answer is, “yes.” Yes, in any other time in our history when people knew their Constitutional rights and history; yes, when we were a moral people; yes, when journalists did their jobs; yes, when Congressmen had political will…

But there have been other Presidents who committed crimes against citizens. This one is one of Obama’s role models:



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Professor Jacobson has coined the perfect name: Tyrannysaurus rex.

Two people, in fact, have said “impeach” today: Mark Levin: If Obama unilaterally acts on raising debt limit he should be IMPEACHED!

Mark Levin explains why Obama should be impeached if he acts unilaterally to raise the debt ceiling:

If Obama unilaterally acts – and I think there’s a fan dance going on here where his spokes-idiot Carney is out there saying ‘no, we’ve decided we’re not going to do this’ – if Obama, though, plays the role of Hamlet and in the end says ‘I have no choice, the Republicans are going to destroy our economy, our debt rating, all this that and the other, therefore I must unilaterally act,’ he should be impeached!

Because that means Congress’ core power – in addition to declaring war – Congress’ core power, that is control over spending and taxing, will have been seized by the president of the United States in one executive order. NO Congress would tolerate this from any president! I don’t care if the president was Abraham Lincoln. This Congress would not have tolerated it from Richard Nixon. No Congress can tolerate such a complete and brazen frontal assault on its enumerated power. No Congress! No twisting of the language in the 14th amendment or any way else. Because we will cease to be a federal government of three coequal branches.

There’s more in the audio at The Right Scoop.

Obama Says “US Is Not Deadbeat Nation” …Then Blows Off Deadline for Sending Budget to Congress

Budgets are for little people like you and me.

Obama On Congress: “They Order Me To Spend”…

Nothing. Is. Ever. Barack’s. Fault. Ever.

Because Obama: Election proves ‘the American people agreed with me’

No worries, though. The Fed Chairman comes to the rescue: Bernanke: Get rid of the debt ceiling, it has no practical value

You’re OK with giving Obama and Congress a blank check or a limitless credit card that will bankrupt your life and mine for decades to come, right?


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