This isn’t our country anymore-Dinesh D’Souza, James O’Keefe and the 2014 Communist Manifesto

Jennifer Davis
Victory Girls

Many mornings I sit down with my coffee and my breakfast, and like large numbers of Americans, my iPhone, and review the headlines on a favorite news site. My personal favorite happens to be the Drudge Report, and this morning I found a bevy of depressing headlines awaiting me when I popped open the app and started perusing…

…It seems that New York’s Department of Labor has been bugging O’Keefe’s office, which is located in Westchester, NY, demanding financial documents “for months”. It seems Mr. Cuomo is learning a lot from watching our harasser in chief go after his political enemies by using instruments of the state-IRS targeting Tea Party groups ring any bells? Mr. O’Keefe is taking the high road (as usual) and had this to say in response…

…The final story that caused me to shut the app down, lest I lose my breakfast, was the one outlining the creation of a new communist manifesto with contributions from prime time Commie hipocrites like Michael (Three-Cheeseburgers) Moore, Obama’s favorite terrorist mentor Bill Ayers, and cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal (whose lawyer, Debo Agebile, was just nominated by Obama to head up the nations top civil rights enforcer at the Department of Justice-oh joy!). If that isn’t an all star line-up of socialist freaks I just don’t know what is! It seems that they all outline “how to get from where we are to where we want to be” in the book which will sell, comrade, for the minimal price of $10.11 (evidently they seem to have forgotten that selling things for profit makes them part of the ”cancer” of capitalist endeavor)…

…All this leads me to believe what the title of this post says-this isn’t our country anymore. This America is the sad shell being sluffed off of our formerly vibrant nation and unless we all do something and start reversing our course I am afraid that we will continue to get the government we deserve and watch our beloved freedom shrivel up and die on the vine.



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