This Photo May Change The Election

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

A hot story today is how a reporter for The Weekly Standard was shoved to the ground by a Martha Coakley campaign worker when the reporter tried to ask Coakley why she was attending a fundraiser with lobbyists.

But another part of the story, as pointed out at HotAir, was that Coakley witnessed the assault and did nothing. Here is a photo showing Coakley looking at the reporter on the ground with the assailant standing over him, from HotAir [via The Weekly Standard]:

Coakley assault at fundraiser meehan-mccormack

Coakley’s non-reaction to the assault, even though she knew that the reporter only was trying to ask a question, is the big story here.

The article, containing more links, continues at Legal Insurrection.


And the full video clip of the incident with John McCormack is now available on YouTube. Member ErnestGilchrist posted it today:

After leaving her DC lobbyist fundraiser, Coakley fails to answer a question as to whether she stands by her comments that terrorists are not in Afghanistan. Coakley simply responds by asking if there are any more questions. When McCormack tries to follow up with Coakley, he is attacked by a member of Coakley’s entourage and thrown to the ground as Coakley looks on. After he gets up, McCormack is attacked again, and not allowed to pass.

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