Thousands Rally in Athen, Texas to Save Nativity Scene

Jim Hoft

A Wisconsin-based non-profit group called for Athens, Texas to remove its Nativity scene earlier this month. It offends them… up in Wisconsin.

Thousands of Texans rallied to save the Nativity scene from the Wisconsin leftists yesterday in Athens.

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…Texas’ governor, Rick Perry, also said he would fight to support the county, noted the San Antonio Express-News.

The governor’s office “strongly supports the right of Henderson County to display a Christmas Nativity scene on public property,” said Lucy Nashed, deputy press secretary for Perry’s office. “We have fought the Freedom from Religion Foundation before and won. Our founding principles give citizens freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Faith and freedom helped build this nation, and faith cannot and should not be removed from public life.”

Last summer, the Wisconsin atheists attempted to block Perry from organizing a prayer rally at Reliant Stadium in Houston. That complaint filed in July alleging that Perry’s “initiation, organization, promotion and participation as governor in a prayer rally” violated the First Amendment was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Gray Miller…

The complete article, with video, is at GatewayPundit.

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