Today is ‘National Empty Chair Day’


3 September 2012

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Photo from the collection of Common American Journal. Click on the image to enlarge


Photo from the collection of Common American Journal. Click on the image to enlarge


“The right rallied on Labor Day to celebrate ‘National Empty Chair Day’…”

“… a show of solidarity with Clint Eastwood after his infamous address to an invisible President Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention last week.”


Update:  From Legal Insurrection, Empty Chairs From Around the Country:

Empty Chair Photos, Part 1

Today is the impromptu National Empty Chair Day, which I covered on Saturday night when a reader alerted me to the idea.  At the time there were about a half dozen tweets from @YouTooCongress, but little other attention.

Through the efforts of Prof. Glenn Reynolds, Michael Patrick Leahy of, Michelle Malkin, Twitchy, and many others in the right blogosphere, National Empty Chair Day has spread far and wide in about 24 hours.

A.F. Branco has created a logo (feel free to use)…

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National Empty Chair Day Photos, Part 2

This will be a continuation of the photos after the first post, National Empty Chair Day (photos from around country), became too long.

There are so many submissions it may be a while before you see yours…

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National Empty Chair Day Photos, Part 3

I’m breaking this down into multiple posts because the volume of submissions was so high – the enthusiasm has been overwhelming (that’s the word of the day) at several levels…

The Astute Bloggers note,  Labor Day has been replaced because there are no jobs.

Chicago Boyz are participating and explain “Eastwooding.”

Labor Day and The EMPTY Chair

Just how wrong did the media get Clint Eastwood?

…He is one of the top actors, directors and producers of motion pictures in the world. Most of the world — and almost certainly everyone tuning in to the RNC Thursday night — knows this. Yet most of the analyses of his RNC appearance are based on the notion that we were not witnessing acting. That mass suspension of disbelief may be the highest tribute Eastwood will ever be paid as an actor…

…Eastwood’s approach to this performance was not accidental. Eastwood is — by reason of his resume — the foremost expert in the world on Clint Eastwood fans. Harry Callahan may have understood that a man has to know his limitations. Eastwood knows his… and he also knows his strengths. A man does not produce and star in dozens of Clint Eastwood movies without having thought deeply about and received the benefit of copious market research into what appeals to people about Clint Eastwood…

Happy Empty Chair Day

Go, empty chairs!

FWIW: If you aren’t careful SpellCheck may offer “Empathy Chair”. No.

Update 2: Michelle Malkin:

Monday is National Empty Chair Day; Updated with photos

National Empty Chair Day photo album, part II

Trending on Twitter:


empty chair


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Darlene Glick wishes readers a Happy Empty Chair Day from her home in Southern California.

One thing Obama did build: #EmptyChairDay

Heh! AMC playing Clint Eastwood movies on #EmptyChairDay

Update 3: Empty Chair Day Sweeps The NationPlus: Biden Says Country Is Better Off Than It Was Four Years Ago, And He’d Explain That, Except It’s Too Hot Right Now

How Come No One Is Featuring Golf Clubs In These? UPDATES

At Instapundit:

THE HATERS ON THE PUBLIC PAYROLL: “A thuggish, violent reaction to Clint Eastwood’s quietly funny appearance at the RNC. And this is the head of a ‘public employee’ union. There’s a choice this election, alright. Which side are you on? If you’re on the side that fantasizes about knocking an 82 year old man off a stage for laughing at your leader, you might want to examine your soul.” If, you know, you still have one.

Special Report with Bret Baier features Legal Insurrection Obama built that.

WooHoo for Professor Jacobson!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Chairs

Update 4: Where ‘The Boys’ Are

Image via @Gengm7:

Update 5: Kevin Jackson, The Blacksphere:

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