Top Republican Challenges Boehner Over Benghazi Probe

Wolf in 12th day of crusade – House leadership stymies select committee

Garth Kant

WASHINGTON — Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is too diplomatic to name names.

But, when WND asked the 17-term representative if the GOP leadership supported his call for a select committee to investigate the mushrooming Benghazi scandal, he replied, “As of now, no. But I’m hopeful. I think we have now shown enough questions to meet the threshold.”

WND asked Wolf if that meant the scandal had reached a tipping point in his quest.

He said “I think so,” because of dramatic new revelations, including new reports from witnesses.

President Obama may call Benghazi a phony scandal but those revelations make it look like he has the CIA desperately covering up something huge.

Wolf, whose tenure extends back to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 victory, is leading a crusade to get to the bottom of it and he thinks he knows exactly how to do it.

He has given speeches on the House floor for 12 days in a row calling for a select committee to investigate Benghazi, a plan he explained in great detail to WND on June 28.

See Wolf’s speech from Friday:

…Wolf believes a public hearing by a select committee is the only way to crack a CIA stonewall.

“They don’t want them to speak, it’s pretty clear. You sign a non-disclosure agreement that means you’re not supposed to disclose anything.

“Now, a subpoena from Congress would supersede that. But if you’re 50, you have a couple of kids, a mortgage, you live in Fairfax County in a house, you have one kid in college and another one going soon, can you afford to lose your job? You can’t do it,” explained Wolf.

He said that’s why a public hearing is needed to uncover the truth, so surviving witnesses can feel safe.

“They need the protection of a public hearing and to be subpoenaed so they can come forward. That allows them to say what really happened.”…

…Lawmakers are speculating on the possibility U.S. agencies operating in the Benghazi compound were secretly helping to transfer weapons from Libya, via Turkey, to the rebels in Syria…


The complete article, with more video, is at WorldNetDaily.


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From the beginning Glenn has said there is more to the Benghazi story than being presented in the media. Glenn believed early on this was a CIA operation and that gun running to Syria was at the root of the attack. CNN has a bombshell new report on how the CIA is covering up details about the attack.

On radio this morning, Glenn played CNN’s exclusive news on the dozens of CIA agents who were on the ground who are now being pressured to stay quiet…

The article continues at


Benghazi Survivors Relocated And Forced Name Changes…


At Instapundit:

SOMEBODY IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS PROBABLY WONDERING JUST THAT: “Jake Tapper reveals classified information about CIA in Benghazi – should his sources go to prison? Should he?”

Meanwhile, scapegoated filmmaker Nakoula is still in jail.

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Update: CBS reporter forces Carney to clarify which scandals are ‘phony’ 

In a rare moment of journalistic integrity, a White House reporter asked Press Secretary Jay Carney to clarify what President Obama means by the phrase ‘phony scandal.’ During yesterday’s daily briefing, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller asked him a very pointed question and didn’t back down when Carney tried to give him the runaround…


Read the whole thing.

CAJ note: We have been following Mark Knoller on Twitter for years. He is our idea of what a good journalist should be. He is a very generous resource, even to those of us who are not professional reporters. He patiently answers questions and requests from his followers there.


Update 2: ‘Phony Scandals’: CNN to Air Benghazi Special 

On Tuesday, August 6th at 10PM ET, CNN’s Erin Burnett will host “The Truth About Benghazi: An Erin Burnett Outfront Special Investigation.” The program follows the recent revelation that 35 CIA agents were on the ground in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012…




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