Tory MP ‘hidden for his own safety’ as Muslim extremist group storms his mosque visit after invoking Stephen Timms stabbing on website

Daily Mail [UK]
29th October 2011

Protesters forced their way in to a north London mosque where an MP was meeting constituents after posting violent warning messages online.

Tory MP Mike Freer was forced to pull out of the meeting after being targeted by the Muslims Against Crusades group who had posted messages invoking the Stephen Timms stabbing online.

Today he urged Home Secretary Theresa May to take action against the group after the attack at his North Finchley constituency surgery.

In a chilling message ahead of the incident on the group’s website, they referred to Labour MP Stephen Timms -who was stabbed while holding a surgery in east London last year -warning the attack on him should serve as a ‘piercing reminder’ to politicians that ‘their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area’…

…Mr Freer, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said he was called a ‘Jewish homosexual pig’.

He was escorted by staff at the mosque to a locked part of the building until assistance arrived and described the incident as ‘uncomfortable’.

But it was only when he was made aware of the website’s reference to the attack on East Ham MP Mr Timms that he realised the potential danger…

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H/T GatewayPundit where Jim Hoft has more. In the comments section, one of GP’s readers left this link: FBI Investigating Gülen Charter Schools: Gülen Leaders Lavish Gifts And Dinners on Mitch Daniels and Other Indiana Officials

With the FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education investigating them and parents and officials in Ohio, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and elsewhere questioning their financial dealings, it appears that Gülen charter schools—managed by Concept Schools and other companies—have been duping lawmakers, politicians, school boards, and parents for several years now, with accusations flying that the group is using U.S. taxpayer money to help fund the Islamist Hizmet organization in Turkey.

According to Charter School Scandals (one of the top charter school watchdog groups and a close follower of Gülen) there have been 155 Gülen charter schools established or attempted in 28 states in the U.S. and hundreds in other countries.

Gülen charter schools are founded by followers of Fethullah Gülen, a wealthy reformer who lives in exile in Pennsylvania after being kicked out of Turkey for attempting to establish an Islamic state…

Read the whole thing.

Update: ‘Our human rights have been violated’: Muslim students accuse Catholic University in 60-page dossier [emphasis CAJ]:

  • No prayer rooms provided without Christian symbols
  • Cross of Jesus ‘looks down’ on them

Muslim students at the renowned Catholic University have complained their human rights have been violated by the college.

They have accused education chiefs of banning them from forming a Muslim student group and failing to provide prayer rooms without Christian symbols.

The Office of Human Rights is investigating 60 pages of allegations against the private university in Washington DC…

Also,  Jesus’ name ruled ‘unconstitutional’. Judge says prayers to Christ ‘do violence to America’s pluralistic, inclusive values’

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