Two big wins, a presidency transformed for Obama

Two big wins for Barack Obama at home and abroad — a historic health care bill and a new arms treaty with Russia — have injected sudden momentum into a presidency that had been looking beleaguered.

“What a week here,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs wrote on his twitter feed, as Obama concluded a new strategic arms reduction treaty in a call with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday.

In six days, two of the biggest projects of Obama’s presidency came to fruition after months of painstaking work, transforming the image of an administration that had swung hard but failed to connect on big agenda items.

By Friday, Obama could savor the spectacle of the pundits he frequently decries, switching from a “this presidency is over” mantra, to hailing him as a conquering domestic president and a global statesmen.

The lofty expectations of a transformative presidency, which shackled Obama when he took office amid the deepest economic crisis in generations, look a little less hubristic, after his best week in the White House.

The president can now argue that he is a leader who get things done, who will tackle the toughest issues, and stick with them until the end.

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