‘Ubi Caritas et Amor’

30 April 2011

One of the hymns sung yesterday at the wedding of Great Britain’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton was written by Welsh composer, Paul Mealor, Ubi Caritas et Amor.

Ubi caritas et amor
Deus ibi est.

Where charity and love are,
God is there.

The Telegraph has this article about the music chosen by the couple and includes a video of the composer explaining the meaning of his composition.

H/T Blazing Cat Fur who has more video from the wedding, This is the day which the Lord hath made, by the English composer, John Rutter.

Update: Sissy Willis shares her thoughts on the couple and their day at sisu:

…We’re reminded of the Duke of Cambridge’s great grandmother, the  Queen Mother Elizabeth, who “helped the House of Windsor survive the abdication crisis and cheered Britons on through the horrors of World War II.”…

There is a lot of hate flying around these days. It’s nice to see some true love once in a while. It exists. It was on our televisions (very) early this morning. President Obama once talked of “hope and change.” I think William and Kate represent it more truly

At The Blaze, video of a joyful (one presumes) priest after the wedding.

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