UCLA Professor Vows DREAM Act Passage will Lead to Replacing ‘Those Old White Men’ in Congress

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is raw video of a UCLA Professor telling a group of people that eventual passage of the DREAM Act will allow a new generation to eventually “replace those old white men” in the U.S. Congress.

“When that day happens, the young people of the DREAM Act movement, will go on to accomplish and do great things with your lives. You will go on to become lawyers, teachers, doctors and members of the US congress to replace those old white men . . . “

American Power has more.

Update: Michelle Malkin has “more about UCLA open-borders prof Kent Wong“:

…Kent served as the Founding President of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, the first national organization of Asian union members and workers. He previously was staff attorney for the Service Employees International Union, #660, representing Los Angeles County workers. Kent also worked as the first staff attorney for the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California, where he developed programs to serve the needs of Asian American workers…

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