UN Coverup of ‘Climate Refugees’ Scandal Fails

Alex Newman
18 April 2011

The United Nations was caught attempting to cover up evidence of its wildly inaccurate prediction that there would be some 50 million so-called “climate refugees” by 2010, embarrassing the international body already under fire for its misleading global-warming advocacy.

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) had warned in 2005 that sea-level rises, increased hurricanes, and desertification caused by man-made climate change would lead to massive population disruptions. In a map, the organization highlighted areas that were supposed to be particularly vulnerable, such as the Caribbean.

But it turns out that, not only did those areas fail to produce any “climate refugees,” their populations are actually booming. The first reporter to pick up the story, Gavin Atkins with Asian Correspondent, reviewed some of the most recent censuses and made a mockery of the UN’s alarmist claims…

…After Atkins’ April 11 report, news outlets around the world began to pick up the story. And the UN responded immediately with a half-baked attempt at damage control. But instead of admitting its predictions were way off the mark, the organization tried to take down all evidence that it had ever made them. Now it claims the 50 million “environmental refugees” will materialize by 2020.

But it was too late to hide the truth. Google has a function that allows people to view a “cached” file of a web page even after it is taken down. So the UN’s bogus prediction is still available for the world to see online. And critics have pounced on the story, lambasting the global body for its false alarmist claims…

…by 2012 — the 20th anniversary of the global-warming campaign — the UN hopes to have its “green world order” fully in place.

The complete article is at The New American.

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