Under Fire, The Washington Post Quietly Scrubs Their Marco Rubio Hit-Piece

John Nolte
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Thanks to those stubborn things called facts, today it’s the Washington Post under fire, not the subject of their Thursday hit piece, Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio.

And now the WaPo memory-holing has begun.

First, the Miami Herald came out swinging against WaPo’s embellishment of Rubio’s so-called embellishments, then the Senator himself hit back, then we learned the troubling back-story of the WaPo “reporter” who wrote the piece, and now the once-legendary newspaper has taken to quietly scrubbing the original story in order to make it look like something closer to the truth.

Here are the two opening paragraphs of the original WaPo story, which was re-published at Yahoo

The article continues at Big Journalism.

H/T DaTechguy, The Wilhelm Klink school of journalism: Washington Post campus with video from Hogan’s Heroes.

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Rubio: Post missed ‘real essence’ of family story

Exclusive: Rubio defends himself

…The essence of my family story is why they came to America in the first place; and why they had to stay.

now know that they entered the U.S. legally on an immigration visa in May of 1956. Not, as some have said before, as part of some special privilege reserved only for Cubans. They came because they wanted to achieve things they could not achieve in their native land.

And they stayed because, after January 1959, the Cuba they knew disappeared. They wanted to go back — and in fact they did. Like many Cubans, they initially held out hope that Castro’s revolution would bring about positive change. So after 1959, they traveled back several times — to assess the prospect of returning home.

In February 1961, my mother took my older siblings to Cuba with the intention of moving back. My father was wrapping up family matters in Miami and was set to join them.

But after just a few weeks, it became clear that the change happening in Cuba was not for the better. It was communism. So in late March 1961, just weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion, my mother and siblings left Cuba and my family settled permanently in the United States.

Soon after, Castro officially declared Cuba a Marxist state. My family has never been able to return.

I am the son of immigrants and exiles, raised by people who know all too well that you can lose your country. By people who know firsthand that America is a very special place…

Read the whole thing.

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Don Surber fact-checked a Washington Post article and determined that Richard Muller, whom the Post touted as a “self-proclaimed climate skeptic” was, in fact, an early advocate for man-made global warming theory who “has re-branded himself a former skeptic — the better to sell global warming.”

But I think Surber missed the lead…

Read it.

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Update: Marco Rubio on WaPo Hit Piece: “They Won’t Find a Single Credible Cuban American Voice in Miami to Dispute That My Parents Were Exiles” (Video)

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