Union: “People Don’t Appreciate our Craft”

John Stossel

Volunteers donating their free time to work for the community is one of the best things about America. One of the worst things about America are union bullies who selfishly try to stop them.

Parents at Fawcett Elementary School in East Tacoma, WA gave up their weekend to remove overgrown bushes that blocked the view of drivers pulling in and out of the school. Parents and other volunteers planned to paint and and spread bark on school playgrounds. But at the last minute, school officials said no.

I think you know why.

“Somebody from the school district said it would take away union jobs,” said Tiesha Williams, one of the parents who turned out Saturday.

Schools spokesman Dan Voelpel said he was required, by union contract, to notify the unions affected.

“They can determine if the work being performed substantially takes away from union labor. They can object .”

(Union executive secretary Mark) Martinez said … it’s his job to ensure that volunteers don’t supplant his members’ livelihoods.

Union bullies have tried to stop volunteer efforts before. Last year I wrote
about Eagle Scout Kevin Anderson, who spent more than 200 hours clearing a walking path in a local park. Kevin hoped to earn an Eagle Scout badge while doing something good for the community. What Kevin earned was a threat by SEIU, the Service Employees International, to file a grievance against the city for allowing the scout to work.

After criticism in the media, SEIU backed down. That didn’t happen in East Tacoma.

“There was a lot of work that could have been done, but wasn’t,” said Ron Joslin, whose daughter is a third-grader at the school…

Joslin said the last time the bushes were trimmed back – by parents – was a year ago.

“If it’s somebody’s job, then they’re paying them to do nothing because it hasn’t been done.”

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