US Congress feels Chinese influence

People’s Daily Online
January 11, 2010

China’s influence on Capitol Hill in the US has increased dramatically in the past decade through increasingly sophisticated lobbying efforts, the Washington Post said in a story published Saturday on its website.

A growing realization among US lawmakers that China has become a critical economic player across America is largely the result of Beijing’s increasingly sophisticated efforts to influence events at the center of US power, the story said.

As an example, the newspaper cited the China Ocean Shipping Co, which was formerly accused of espionage but is now applauded for employing thousands of Americans to keep the waters of Alaska clean.

Members of Congress “are starting to understand that the Chinese are not communist, but that the Chinese are Chinese,” said Earl Blumenauer, a seven-term democratic representative from Oregon, adding that, on matters as diverse as the US economy, climate change and energy policy, “China is something that no one can ignore,” according to the report.

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