US ignores plight of Brit railroaded by Afghan court

Kay B. Day
The U.S. Report

At the moment, former British service man Bill Shaw waits for justice in an Afghan prison one reporter for the Mail Online (UK) called the ‘Afghan Alcatraz.’ At the time of his arrest, Shaw was working for G4S, a company whose website says it is the ‘largest security services provider in the world, with operations in more than 110 countries across six continents.’

Former service man Bill Shaw sits railroaded by injustice in an Afghan prison

Apparently the US government is ignoring the plight of this man who risked his own safety to take a job providing security for the British Embassy in Kabul. Shaw was convicted of bribery by an Afghan court.

Why should the US intervene?

Last time I looked, we were allegedly ‘nationbuilding’ in the land of Afghanistan. If the US holds no influence there, no one does.


Stories published by The BBC and the Mail Online, as well as accounts by friends and family on a Facebook advocacy page for Shaw contain the same set of facts.

Shaw’s background reflects a long record of service to his country. The Mail Online reporter, Nadene Ghouri, said, “Shaw had a remarkable military career. He served for 28 years in the Royal Military Police, working his way up from corporal to commissioned officer, ending up as a major and being awarded the MBE [Member, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire]. He left the military in 2004…”

The article continues at The U.S. Report.

H/T Michael Yon, Why is this former British soldier being held?

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