Van Jones: Blacks Will Vote En Masse for Obama Even if He Declares Himself Homosexual

Dave Blount

Avowed communist and “rowdy black nationalist” Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar who spent $60 billion of our money creating exactly zero green jobs, was forced out of the Obama Regime when Glenn Beck publicized his extreme radicalism. But he still helps out the Manchurian Moonbat when he can, as with these words of encouragement:

“I think if President Obama came out as gay, he wouldn’t lose the black vote,” a cheerful Van Jones told MSNBC [Monday] afternoon.

If Bathhouse Barry has something to tell us, it’s safe to come out now.

Go to Moonbattery to see Dave’s cheeky photo of the President and be sure to follow the link in the caption.

CAJ note: So, we can’t tell whether Jones is calling Black voters homophobes or calling them racists. WDYT?

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In a venomous speech this weekend, notorious ex-Obama aid Van Jones went on a hate-filled rant against “cheap patriotism” and “libertarians,” calling out his free-market opponents as “anti-immigrant, bigots.”

Jones was introduced by actor and Obama activist Edward Norton, who likened the disgraced former Green Jobs Czar to the Dali Lama.

“When I was on a panel once with [Jones] and the Dali Lama it was a toss up as to who was wiser, Van or the Lama” Norton mused…

Go to the link to watch the video. Isn’t this tirade gonna hit people like Bret Hatch pretty hard?

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Van Jones compared to the Dalai Lama…someone who escaped Chinese persecution and certain death? Really?

Update: And if you’re still laboring under the misconception that we are still a free country, Gay Rights Group Files Human Rights Complaint Against Christian T-Shirt Company.

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