Van Jones threatening legal action against Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck

Burgess Everett

…Attorneys acting on behalf of the president’s former “green jobs” czar sent a letter to Fox News demanding that the network immediately cease using six characterizations about Jones and asked for a retraction from Glenn Beck by June 24.

The six characterizations described in the letter, obtained by POLITICO, are:

– Jones is a “communist”/”revolutionary”/”Marxist”
– “Jones is violent”/”spent time in jail”
– “Jones is a 9/11 truther”
– “Jones is a cop killer”/”supported a cop killer”/”hates cops”
– “Jones is a racist”/”hates white people”
– “Jones organized/attended an anti-American rally on 9/12/2001”

The letter includes examples of when each characterization of Jones was used and a refutation of those statements. Jones’s lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler, also writes that some of these characterizations are “inherently defamatory.”…

Read the entire article at Politico

At GatewayPundit, Jim Hoft does a pretty good job of building FNC’s defense:

The CD starred Van Jones and cop killer Mumia abu-Jamal.

…Jones used his Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to start ‘Freedom Fighter Music’, the label WarTimes appeared on. WarTimes is also the name of an anti-war-on-al-Qaeda propaganda newspaper Jones helped organize. The album featured cop killer Mumia abu-Jamal.

Verum Serum posted the Mumia abu Jamal – Van Jones rap song….

Read the whole thing.

Update:  Might all of this be a publicity stunt? Jones is trying to launch his “Rebuild the Dream” organization (aka The New American Dream Movement). Video at The Blaze.

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