Video: Obama Slammed Bush Over Executive Power in 2008, Promised to 'Reverse When I'm President'

Rob Bluey
The Foundry

A newly surfaced video of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate is spreading like wildfire today, revealing a stark contrast between his promise in 2008 about executive power with his recent actions in the White House.

Obama says this in the 2008 video:

The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America…


…“When Congress refuses to accede to President Barack Obama’s liberal policies,” Slattery and Kloster write, “the Administration often ignores the restraints imposed upon the executive branch by the Constitution, and when the Administration disagrees with duly enacted laws or finds it politically expedient not to enforce them, it waives legal requirements.”…


The entire article, and the 2008 video of Senator Obama, is at


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Amnesia?  Early on-set Alzheimer’s? You decide. Nancy Pelosi is outraged: ‘We did not treat President Bush this way’

…“We did not treat President Bush this way,” she said. “We thought we had a responsibility to work with the president to get a job done for the American people and we did. This obstruction to President Obama is something quite stunning. It’s something quite different.”…

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