Video: Patrick Kennedy tries to justify $2 million bike path on House floor, hilarity ensues


There’s one thing I can say about Patrick Kennedy – I’m going to miss his floor speeches. The comedy value is quite high. Of course, his voting record is so far left that he’s to running again in a blue district in a blue state on account of his dismal votes. The Creative Minority Report picks up this vid of Kennedy justifying a $2 million bike path (is it paved with gold or something?) in his district that he earmarked OUR money for. As is typical with liberals – Patches is very generous… with other people’s money. But his justification goes so absurd that it turns into comedy gold:

Matt Archibolod adds this:

he loses it in trying to get taxpayers to pay for a bike path for $2 million. He advocates for it…vociferously shall we say. At one point he almost accidentally makes a point but veered insanely away just in time. Here’s the thing. Dude, you’re a Kennedy. You’ve got mad cash. If you feel this strongly pay for it. But no he doesn’t feel that strongly. He feels only strong enough for you to pay for a bike path in his backyard…

So long, Patches.

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