Waxman: Senate bill will not be ‘deemed’

Texas Congressman Pete Sessions is live-tweeting today’s House Rules committee hearing. Here is some of what he is sending via Twitter as of 11:56 EDT (3/20/10):

1. Waxman just claimed that the Senate bill would not be deemed. That’s news to Chairwoman Louise Slaughter and her Slaughter Solution. 5 minutes ago via web

2. Rep. David Drier says Rules Cmte. has already at 1 1/2 hours met 50% longer than Dems will allow debate on deeming scheme on House Floor. 17 minutes ago via web

3. CBO says that if $208 billion is added back in for the doc fix, the bill will create a $59 billion deficit http://bit.ly/8Yiwhq 35 minutes ago via web

4. Repub. Ranking Member on Budget Cmte. @RepPaulRyan notes that the IRS will hire 16,000 new employees to supervise new taxes from #hc bill. 38 minutes ago via web

5. George Miller doesn’t just want a govt. takeover of #healthcare, he also wants govt. takeover of student loans. about 1 hours ago via web

6. The govt. takeover of #healthcare includes $52 billion in taxes on employers who already cannot afford to pay their employees #healthcare. about 1 hours ago via web

7. Ranking member of Ways & Means @RepDaveCamp did a great job of highlighting the massive taxes in the #healthcare bill. about 1 hours ago via web

8. Chairman of Ways & Means admits to individual mandate & an employer mandate to purchase health insurance in Rules Committee. #hcr #TCOT #GOP about 1 hours ago via web

9. Will be tweeting live updates on the #healthcare bill debate in our House Rules Committee meeting starting @ 10am ET. #GOP #TCOT #hcr about 3 hours ago via web

And, via MichelleMalkin.com: TX GOP Rep. Barton: “This process corrupts and prostitutes the system” Malkin is blogging live updates of the hearings.

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