Were 5th graders forced to recite ‘We learn more with common core!’ poem?

Glenn Beck

According to a radio listener in North Carolina, a group of 80 5th grade students were allegedly forced to recite an indoctrination poem that hammered home just how wonderful Common Core really is. “We learn more with Common Core. Text genre, features and theme to explore, we learned more with Common Core.” Unfortunately the earliest test scores coming in are proving the opposite…

The text of the poem is at GlennBeck.com


Related: Ex-Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush defends ‘common core’ education standards, calls for more school choice

…Republican lawmakers around the nation are split over new Common Core standards being implemented in many states that set uniform benchmarks for reading, writing and math. The standards are a result of an initiative sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The American Legislative Exchange Council has remained neutral.

Bush said the common standards are a good way of raising expectations for students, many of whom, he said, are not currently ready for college or careers.

“There will be a painful adjustment period as students adapt to these new standards,” Bush said. “It will create a big stink, trust me. But I think that stink is worth having today rather than having dreams unfulfilled over the next generation.”

Some opponents of the Common Core standards don’t like the national approach, raising concerns similar to those voiced against the federal No Child Left Behind education law enacted under former President George W. Bush…


States are struggling to pay for books, technology and training needed for Common Core transition, study finds

…According to a new survey by the Center for Education Policy at George Washington University, 34 of the 45 states that have adopted the new Common Core learning standards in math and English “are having difficulty finding the resources to support” the new requirements, Reuters reports.

“Finding adequate resources is the main challenge looming over states’ efforts to prepare districts, schools, principals and teachers for the Common Core,” Diane Stark Rentner, CEP’s deputy director of national programs, told Reuters.

Common Core hits schools in the wallet in several ways…


We Should All Mourn the Death of Cursive Writing   [slide show]

…Cursive, and all of its inherent benefits, provides us a link to our past, connectivity within our present and a portal to our future. So much of our history has been documented only through cursive script. And moving forward, our future leaders and generations to come may be better able to understand each other — and themselves — as a result of the communications skills learned via cursive.

For these and so many other reasons, cursive is a skill that must remain within our schools and our cultural realm. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater in our efforts to appear “advanced” because by doing so, we’re only hurting ourselves…and our children.


UpdateTest scores for NYC students drop dramatically

New York City officials are on the defensive today after test scores from public schools plummeted under new standards for achievement.  The city adopted the controversial Common Core curriculum and testing, and NYC was expected to be a test case for its implementation.  After going from bad to worse on achievement, though, parents may demand even more change…



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