WH: Expect more of ‘we can’t wait’ through 2012

Joel Gehrke
The Washington Examiner

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that President Obama would continue to roll out “We Can’t Wait” initiatives under his executive authority throughout 2012, but maintained that the president will “eagerly” work with Congress when possible.

“[Obama] has been talking about the fact that he will use his executive authority to advance the priorities of the American people, and he has been doing that,” Carney told reporters during today’s press briefing.  “He will continue to do that.  It is true that the context here is often, we can’t wait for Congress to act, and that will be true throughout the year.”

Obama has been criticized in the past for his apparent willingness, and sometimes desire, to circumvent Congress; his unprecedented reinterpretation of the conditions necessary to make recess appointments earlier this month was especially controversial.

Carney emphasized that Obama would like to work with Congress if Republicans wll stop blocking the stimulus program contained in the American Jobs Act. “Where Congress will act, he will eagerly join with them to get the people’s business done,” Carney said.

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