What is going on in the Gulf that we need to know, and do not?

15 June 2010

After viewing this video you may have the same questions that we have. Why is the Gulf a “no-fly” zone? Why are reporters being prevented from interviewing clean-up crews? Who is in charge of security and worker safety in the Gulf? What will happen to the citizens who live in the Gulf? When will someone begin to tell them, and America, the truth so we can make informed decisions about our lives?

UPDATE: We’ve received some feedback saying this video could be a hoax, or some kind of conspiracy theory. We don’t ever wish to promote either, and especially not in this instance because the Gulf situation is far too serious for anyone to be exploiting it. We don’t know what the truth is. We don’t know what is real. Like you, we are trying to find out. We have lots of questions and deep mistrust right now. But we are especially concerned for those who live and work in the Gulf, for the eco-system and wildlife, because they are bearing the immediate impact of this disaster, and we feel deep concern for our great country. That is why we chose to post this video to CAJ. We will keep asking questions so we can remain informed and engaged.

UPDATE 2: Dr. Manny (Fox News) talks about how the oil spill can affect work crews in the Gulf.

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