What? Me worry? Obama about to enjoy 3rd vacation since April 20

12 July 2010

Potential for major spill after oil rig sinks
11 workers still missing after explosion, fire off La.

NEW ORLEANS — The oil rig that exploded, caught fire and then sank 36 hours later could lead to a major oil spill, officials said Thursday, and as a result a remotely operated vehicle is surveying the seas and assets ranging from aircraft to containment booms are ready to be deployed.

At a press conference, the officials also said hope was running out for 11 workers still missing after the blast Tuesday night off the coast of Louisiana. The Coast Guard said its search would probably continue into early Friday.

Crews searching for the workers have covered the 1,940-square-mile search area by air 12 times and by boat five times. The boats searched all night.

Carolyn Kemp said Thursday that her grandson, Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27, was among the missing. She said he would have been on the drilling platform when it exploded.

“They’re assuming all those men who were on the platform are dead,” Kemp said. “That’s the last we’ve heard.”…

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Obama Vacation: North Carolina Weekend Visit
Philip Elliot
The Huffington Post

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — First stop for the first couple’s weekend getaway on Friday was a roadside restaurant that President Barack Obama visited during the final month of his White House campaign. First meal on the trip: barbecued ribs.

Obama and first lady Michelle Obama landed in the Blue Ridge Mountains and made a quick stop at Twelve Bones Smokehouse on the way to their resort. The White House said the first couple ate ribs, macaroni and cheese, greens, baked beans, corn bread and corn pudding and washed it down with sweet tea.

And then a short time later, they set about working off the meal; the Obamas went on a mountain hike and the president then hit the golf course…

* * *

Obama Family Enjoys Sleepover In Chicago Home On Memorial Day Weekend
Darlene Superville
The Huffington Post

CHICAGO — Good friends, good food and the comforts of his own home.

President Barack Obama enjoyed all three when he brought his family home to Chicago for a long Memorial Day holiday weekend. It was the first family’s first sleepover at their red-brick home in more than a year.

Obama’s only public appearance Sunday was for a roundtrip to a private gym for a workout. Top advisers updated him on efforts to manage the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In the evening he joined family and friends at a neighbor’s home, according to a White House aide…

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Image from No Sheeples Here

Obama Plans Maine Vacation While Gulf Gusher Continues to Gush
Donald Douglas
American Power, 7/11/2010

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Getting Close to Day 90 of the Gulf Oil Spill, Obama to Vacation in Maine
Left Coast Rebel

This video that I sniped from Gateway Pundit sums it up:

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On the road again…
The War Planner

…Jeannie DeAngelis, author of The American Thinker piece, comes up with some pretty acerbic commentary regarding the cuisine Obama will be subjecting his family to:

Since eating is always central to Obama junkets, Mount Desert Island has cuisine to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. I’d venture a guess that the Obama entourage visits The Rose Garden Restaurant.

Thanks to Obama’s economic policies, America gags down boxed macaroni and cheese and stale bologna sandwiches while the furlough-President indulges in bistros that tout “a la carte and prix-fixe menus [that] aren’t cheap.” The Rose Garden menu includes all-American favorites like “strudel filled with asparagus and Gruyère, peppery venison with squash puree,” topped off by desserts like “mascarpone cheesecake.”

..and then drops the hammer with this pair of zingers. reminiscent of Obama’s German campaign-junket trip to the gym instead of visiting wounded soldiers:

With such a jammed schedule, it may be hard for Obama to fit in a condolence call to the family of Maine resident Sgt. Brandon Silk, just killed in Afghanistan, let alone take out for one of those yummy ice cream cones the three children of late Staff Sergeant Eric Shaw of Augusta, Maine who, while on his third tour of duty, was cut down at age 31 by enemy fire.

Instead of putting a depressing damper on the weekend, America’s “Dirigo” should just omit visiting families of dead Maine soldiers and instead end the respite optimistically with 18 holes at Kebo Golf Club before heading back to DC to pack for next month’s vacation.

But the real hammer dropper goes to the commenter “Honsy” over at Hot Air! who observed:

The Pres. and his family will be vacationing in Maine this month

God forbid that he head to the Gulf states and show support for the beleaguered inhabitants there who are losing billions in tourist money because of his hands-off approach to solving the oil spill problem!

honsy on July 10, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Can this clown get any more tone-deaf?

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