What the Osama-Kill Story is Cloaking for the MSM and the Administration

Babalu Blog

Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo has a very good piece where she points out the fallacies behind the incessant push regarding the rich paying their “fair share” in taxes. Citing a Wall Street Journal study and the CBO report we find not only will taxing the rich to death NOT solve our debt problem, but our very tax system is in the way of economic growth that would bring our heads above the water.

Meanwhile, as summer vacation time approaches, and people struggle with $4 a gallon gas right now (and higher prices on the horizon) Obama is pondering slapping a mileage tax on the American driver.

Yes, because during an extended time of extremely high unemployment putting even more taxes on an already high priced product needed to get to work (if you’re lucky), job interviews, or the unemployment office always seems to help the American people struggling to make ends meet. Not only that, but it gives the unwashed masses this stealth incentive not to do any unnecessary driving so they force us to conserve gas…

The article continues at Babalu Blog.

Update: At MichelleMalkin.com Doug Powers has a few comments about this Obama tax on those earning $250,000 or less. While you’re at the site, also check out Doug’s article, Because No Job is the Greenest Job of All.

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