Where those 7 Blue Dog Dems stand on health care

Phil Kerpen is an economic policy analyst, advocate, and Director or Americans for Prosperity. The two messages below are his, posted via Twitter, regarding the seven Blue Dogs on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The committee is the only House panel that hasn’t voted on the health care bill and they are likely to vote by Friday afternoon:

[[ 3 Blue Dogs holding firm: John Barrow (GA), Jim Matheson (UT), Charlie Melancon (LA).
Thank them. ]]

[[ 4 Blue Dogs sold out: Mike Ross (AR), Baron Hill (IN), Zack Space (OH), Bart Gordon (TN).
Call them. ]]

Links on this page will help you locate contact information for all members of the Blue Dog Democrate Coalition.

To contact any of those seven committee members listed above click on their names.

UPDATE: At 4 PM Kelpern wrote on Twitter

[[ We hear E&C markup, set to start at 4, is now delayed indefinitely. Keep calling. ]]

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