'Which means that the entire press briefing is scripted'

Reporter Walks Back White House Press Claim

Limbaugh predicted reversal following revelations about Carney briefings


…After airing clips of her broadcast and weighing her story against the denials, Limbaugh noted that Anaya seemed “star struck” by her visit and “didn’t sound capable of making something up, or inventing it.”

He characterized the reporter as “just ignorant enough to be trusted.”

“She either misunderstood what she saw or misunderstood what she was told,” Limbaugh said. “But, even when she was telling the story, ‘Oh, yeah, and sometimes the press secretary gets the questions in advance” – as if there’s nothing wrong with that, by the way – she didn’t sound like she thought anything wrong about that. She’s just fascinated at how it all works.”

The talk host predicted Anaya would soon be pressured to retract her story.

“I predict it’ll be by 1 p.m. Eastern Time, 22 minutes, and she will have been pressured enough into saying she misunderstood,” he said. “I mean, they’re gonna hold her career in the balance here, ’cause they can’t allow this to stand, that they submit their questions in advance and that Carney then picks the one he wants, and that they get their answers in advance. They can’t let this stand, even if it is true.”…

…This week, reporters are forbidden from traveling with first lady Michelle Obama, her two daughters and mother on their six-day trip to China at taxpayer expense. Instead, visitors to WhiteHouse.gov are encouraged to sign up for the first lady’s blog posts, videos and photos of the trip…



The entire article, with Limbaugh’s audio, is at WorldNetDaily.

Update: The Ulsterman Report: “The full, expletive-filled wrath of the White House press operation came down on Anaya”. “Once the Eyes of Jarrett fall upon you, the world goes dark…”



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