While Congress prepares to choke U.S. economy by “going green” with Cap and Trade…

The Russians have their own approach to the environment at home while preparing to drill for oil (as are the Chinese) in the Gulf of Mexico.

From BBC World News:

Chemical pollution from Monday’s explosion at Russia’s largest hydro-electric power station has killed fish and spread down a major Siberian river.

Russian officials say booms are being deployed on the Yenisei river to trap the transformer oil. Absorbents are being thrown from helicopters.

In a stormy meeting with officials, relatives of the missing said they feared not being told the whole truth.

The blast killed as many as 76 people at the Sayano-Shushenskaya plant.

The search for dozens of missing workers is continuing.

The number of confirmed dead stands at 14.

Article continues with graphics, photographs, and video at Russia tackles Siberia oil slick

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