While Obama, Congress prepare to force Amnesty for millions on the nation U.S. citizens are threatened daily, murdered on our Southern border

Arizona Rancher’s Killing Sparks Calls to Beef Up Border Security

Three members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation have asked for an increase in the Border Patrol’s presence, and former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo called on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to dispatch the National Guard to the Arizona border


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is under pressure to beef up border security in the Southwest in the wake of Saturday’s killing of a rancher in southeastern Arizona.

Three members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation have asked for an increase in the Border Patrol’s presence in the Boot Heel of New Mexico, about 10 miles from where the rancher was shot to death over the weekend. U.S. Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, along with Rep. Harry Teague, say Napolitano’s agency needs to take more security steps.

And former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration, called on Napolitano to “reject politics and do the right thing” by dispatching the National Guard to the Arizona border.

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives responded to an area northeast of Douglas on Saturday after searchers found the body of 58-year-old Robert Krentz inside his all terrain vehicle on his property. Detectives were able to determine that Krentz apparently came upon one person when he was fatally shot and his dog was wounded…

…U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., whose Congressional district covers the area, described the rancher as a pillar of the community who was recently inducted into the Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame.

“The cold-blooded killing of an Arizona rancher is a sad and sobering reminder of the threats to public safety that exist in our border communities,” Giffords said. “It has not yet been determined who committed this atrocity or why, but I know that federal and local authorities are mobilizing every possible resource to locate and apprehend the assailant.”…

…At a news conference Monday, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever said Krentz was out checking water line and fencing on the land Krentz’s family has ranched since 1907. Dever says Krentz had weapons with him in his all-terrain vehicle but didn’t use them…

The entire article is at FoxNews.com

Via GatewayPundit:

The Westerner reported this on the killing:

Rob Krentz, Apache, Arizona, was killed sometime yesterday, apparently by illegals on his ranch. He was checking cattle on his 4-wheeler. He radioed home that he had come across some Mexicans, one of them in need of care. He requested that his brother contact the Border Patrol to send assistance. That was the last that was heard from him. When he didn’t come home around noon, the family began looking for him. He was found by helicopter in the middle of the night. Both he and his dog had been shot.

And this morning from GatewayPundit:

A rancher in [Arizona] was shot and killed on his ranch on Saturday presumably by a drug smuggler coming in from Mexico.

KVOA has video.

“…but, even more tragically than that, I believe that our country is lost today…”

Michelle Malkin writes:

John McCain and his open-borders, Soros-funded advisor Juan Hernandez have no comment yet.

One of Michelle’s readers sent this:

…As a ranching wife, my heart goes out to Bob’s family and especially his wife Susan. No one outside the ranching community knows how hard a life this is ( in terms of physical work never being done). To those of us who love it, the price is well worth the benefits. But not for Susan Krentz. I cannot imagine what she must feel, knowing they have been robbed before, vandalized and terrorized [Emphasis CAJ]

There’s much more about this murder on her site, MichelleMalkin.com where she also documents the extensive list of crimes against U.S. citizens living along the border, as well as the debate about legal immigration vs. amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The American Pundit writes:

“…A nation without borders is no nation at all. Securing our southern border should be a national security priority, yet both Democratic and Republican administrations have ignored the issue thanks to lobbying from open-border illegal alien advocacy groups. In fact, just talking about securing the border often draws cries of racism from both sides of the aisle.

So it appears that another innocent life was lost in pursuit of being politically correct…”

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