White House releases Holdren video blaming polar vortex on global warming

Glenn Beck

Earlier this week, Glenn mocked the local news coverage of the “polar vortex” – primarily, the fact that the media continued to find a way to spin the sub-zero temperatures as a byproduct of global warming. Well, it didn’t take long for the White House to get in on the action – releasing a YouTube video featuring President Barack Obama’s science adviser, Dr. John Holdren, suggesting that the frigid weather actually caused by global warming.

“I like it when the Administration comes out and uses somebody like John Holdren – a guy who was for putting sterilants in the drinking water because of population explosion – to come out and defend global warming,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “[And now we] have the White House on record saying, ‘Yes, indeed, this cold snap is global warming.’”

As BuzzFeed reported, the video is just a piece of the Administration’s efforts to push back against claims that global warming is in decline or non-existent. The White House plans to also hold an online “We The Geeks” session on the “polar vortex” featuring several climate experts.

In the 2-minute clip, Holdren advises Americans not to believe anyone telling them the current sold spell in the U.S. disproves global warming theories. Instead, he claims: “A growing body of evidence suggests that the extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.


“Is anyone saying that? ‘Because it’s cold for two weeks, that that disproves global warming.’ No. There’s other evidence people think disproves the theories behind it,” Stu said. “But saying, ‘It’s cold for two weeks, that’s our point,’ or every time it’s hot in the summer, you say it’s because of global warming – you can’t say weather for two weeks is evidence.”


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