Why are IRS audits on charities up by 79% under Team Obama?

Peter Schweizer

Tax-exempt charities have their work cut out for them in 2013.

A record 46.2 million people now live in poverty, gas prices hit an all-time annual average $3.60 a gallon, food stamp enrollment is at 47.7 million (with an annual cost of over $74 billion) for the first time in U.S. history, and a record 88.9 million Americans are no longer in the labor force.

Suffice it to say that charities, already buckling under the economic weight of the last four years, face tough sledding ahead as they struggle to secure financial gifts from donors with dwindling resources.

With so many Americans fighting to stay afloat economically, one might think the Obama administration would be inclined to support, not thwart, the work charities perform. But consider this startling finding from the Government Accountability Institute: under Mr. Obama, IRS audits for tax-exempt organizations have jumped 79% over what they were under President George W. Bush…

…For the president’s opponent’s, the increase in charity audit rates is further evidence of a politically-driven White House that leverages power to achieve its ends. Last month, for example, the Obama administration raised ire and eyebrows when it assembled a group of charitable officials at the White House and pressured them to support President Obama’s proposed tax hikes — or else…

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