Why Did McCain Rescue Hagel?

Aaron Goldstein
The American Spectator

Why on earth did John McCain just rescue Chuck Hagel’s nomination?

Why did he go on Meet the Press this morning to say that Chuck Hagel was going to get confirmed as Secretary of Defense?

McCain argued that Hagel had the votes to be confirmed and that he didn’t want the process to be delayed further.

But if that is the case then why did Bob Woodward go on Fox News yesterday to say that Democratic Senators were calling the White House to ask when Hagel was withdrawing?

Now I doubt Woodward would have dropped that tidbit if there wasn’t sufficient discord amongst Democrats to thwart Hagel’s confirmation. But now that McCain has said that Hagel has the votes those Democrat Senators who might have otherwise voted against Hagel have now been given the room they need to confirm him.

The whole point of the filibuster is to germinate the seeds of doubt amongst Senators whose commitment is less than rock solid. Now McCain has uprooted those seeds…

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