Why Lessons of the Fall of Communism Have Not Been Learned

…the noble end.. justifies the regrettable means

Donald Douglas
American Power

John Hinderaker has a must-read post from the other day, “Communism Collapsed: Who Cares?

And following the link there takes us to Janet Daley, at Telegraph UK, “The lessons of the fall of communism have still not been learnt.”

Also blogging: Bruce McQuain, “Why has the collapse of Communism had so little impact on political discourse in the West?

There’s an answer here that the above commentators have missed. The question of why progressives haven’t “learned” from the collapse of communism assumes that leftists conceive of politics through reason. That is, it’s an erroneous assumption to assert that since capitalism emerged objectively by the end of the twentieth century as the single working economic system that it thereby follows that progressives will see the errors of their ideological ways and abandon the collectivist’s historical program.

Leftists are true believers. Their religion is the Utopian of the Marxist state. Progressives weren’t deterred from their goal of a communist revolution because they don’t believe true communism has been tried…

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