Why the Iron Lady Continues to Inspire

Nile Gardiner
The Foundry

Great Britain’s Iron Lady passed away a year ago today, on April 8, 2013. Her death, at the age of 87, left a huge void on the world stage, one that may never be filled. Margaret Thatcher was a political titan who transformed her home nation from the “sick man of Europe” into a resurgent economic power. Implementing conservative policies that emphasized individual liberty and economic freedom, Thatcher lifted a nation ravaged by Socialism off its deathbed, restoring Britain’s prosperity and self-confidence.

She was also a fearless leader internationally, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ronald Reagan in opposition to the Soviet Union, demonstrating how strength and resolve can bring down empires of tyranny. She saw the Anglo-American Special Relationship as vital to the defense of freedom, and the security of the free world…

…The leadership lessons of the Iron Lady are just as valid today as they were when she was prime minister in the 1980s…
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