WikiLeaks’ Evidence of North American Union, April 28, 2011; NAU-01

Arlen Williams & Tallulah Starr
Gulag Bound

Gulag Bound will be logging a number of entries about the facts (and any potential opinions) of plans for “North American Integration,” also called “North American Union.”

Over the last few years, researchers and whistleblowers of attempts to integrate the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America have been overwhelmingly ridiculed.  Some of that ridicule has been all but invited, by extravagant claims made without documentation or citation and much of it continues to be suspect.

But now we do have documentation and citations to make.  Gulag Bound will number our entries.  Our first designation is NAU-01.

The failure of the news media (including conservative media, blogs not exempted) to report on the following leaked cable speaks loudly in its silence.  However, the John Birch Society, much more often right than wrong, as the unfolding of recent history demonstrates, have not failed.

An article, “WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot,” in their New American reported the April 28th news on May 2nd.

This unrefuted memo, from George W. Bush appointed U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, demonstrates an agenda far beyond favored trading status between the three nations.  Rather, it is a short essay on incrementalism vs. a “big deal” approach aimed at thorough political “integration” (to the extent of making “union” synonymous).  Since it was drafted by our ambassador to Canada, it tends to emphasize the U.S.-Canadian relationship, but even where it does, it refers to the overall North American goal.

Before further comments are made, the memo follows, as copied from, with minor formatting adjustments.  The Bush Administration has “spoken for itself” (and we have evidence of nothing but a worse course taken by the Obama Administration)…

Read the memo and the rest of the article at Gulag Bound.

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