Will America’s hardhats rebel against Ground Zero mega-mosque?

Q & A with Andy Sullivan about the Ground Zero mosque

Cara Ellison

…I sent him an email asking if he was the same Andy who called Rush Limbaugh and sure enough, it was him. I was very pleased that he agreed to chat with me. He has begun the Hard Hat Pledge, asking the construction guys in NYC to refuse to build the Ground Zero Mosque. [Emphasis CAJ]

“We are practically declaring war against our 3rd termer disaster of a Mayor who I would love to confront face to face. The people like myself who have quietly been suffering for the better part of a decade do not need to have a Mosque built on the ashes of our loved ones,” he wrote in a plea for signatures.

Andy is scheduled to appear on Fox on Wednesday morning to discuss his Pledge and bring attention to the cause…

Andy: The fact that I was there during the 9/11 attacks and experienced Satan’s trip to downtown, makes this one of the most important things of my life. School mates, coworkers, friends and worst of all my first love of my life all perished in that day of carnage. Not to take anything away from our brave cops and firemen, but it was the 9/11 Hard Hats that were the first responders by virtue of the fact we were there working at the time. Pulling out people victims and remains in the days that followed ate at my soul like nothing I have ever experienced. I can go on about all the double funerals one without a body and one with a tea spoon of remains. I feel sick even writing this now.

Cara: What has the response been to your Hard Hat Pledge? Have you run into any resistance? With the economy in the bucket, it would seem that the temptation is pretty strong among the workers to build the mosque. Are the workers tempted? Or would you say they’re as outraged as you are?

Andy: Its amazing every trade I talk to say the same thing: they will go elsewhere for work no matter how dire their situation ( I freakin love my NYrks). I will not even entertain the possibility of a Mosque in that location…

Please read the entire article at EllisonBlog.

H/T RiehlWorldView, A Hardhat Rebellion Over the Ground Zero Mosque?

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