Will Eric Holder ever learn to be careful what he asks for?

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Eric Holder, perhaps the worst, most corrupt attorney general in history, famously demanded Americans stop being cowardly and have a conversation about race. Well, in the aftermath of the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Christopher Lane, and now World War II hero Delbert Belton, I don’t think he likes the frankness he is starting to get from whites and other nonblacks*.

I sense that a broad reconsideration of the role of race is underway, and that the end result will be that the taboos are crumbling surrounding discussion of the actual behaviors that lead to problems commonly ascribed to racism…

…conservatives are bringing race into this discussion because they are simply doing what has been asked of them by Reid and countless others, including the president and the attorney general: They’re trying to have that coveted “national conversation about race.” Of course, the conversation that the conversation-mongers want is entirely one-sided; they only want to talk about why their ideological enemies are racists. Any other discussion is an incomprehensible and unjustifiable tangent distracting us from what they want to hear and say.

But the truth is, that’s not what is going on. To the extent that people are bringing up race it is to turn the tables, rhetorically at least, on people like Reid and her MSNBC colleagues for their relentless – some might say shameless and disgusting – effort to exploit the George Zimmerman murder trial…

…I don’t think it is necessary to descend to the dishonesty employed by the left, but it is necessary to apply their own standards for others to themselves. And to actually judge people on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin. As the nation marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Dream speech on the Washington Mall, the opportunity is here to capture the high ground on race. This requires a willingness to shame those who spread lies and hatred…

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Also at the site, The roar of Sharpton’s and Obama’s non reaction to the Lane murder  Which one of those kids could have been Obama’s?

… of course Obama doesn’t want to blame some of the kids who look like the sons he might have had.  Or their culture.  Blaming guns  is an easy out; much easier than grappling with–and antagonizing supporters–by asking  such questions as just how did these kids get their weapons, where were their parents  and just why did they use the guns the way they did?







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