‘Wouldn’t want to be a Coptic Christian in Egypt today.’

Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Wins Egyptian Presidency

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So…that’s swell.

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Egyptians had two bad options and they took one. Of course there’s no Parliament or constitution so the military is still running the show to a very significant degree. Still, it shows the direction the people of Egypt want to go in and this is the beginning not the end of the Muslim Brotherhood’s push for control.

I guess they and Syria didn’t get the memo that we are pivoting to Asia and China.

Wouldn’t want to be a Coptic Christian in Egypt today…

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From MEMRI: Egypt’s Safwat Hagazy, ‘Muslim Brotherhood Will Liberate Jerusalem’

…If Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi were to become president, Egypt’s capital would no longer be Cairo, but would be Jerusalem, a prominent Egyptian cleric said at a presidential campaign rally, which was aired by an Egyptian private television channel.

“Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem with God’s will. Our chants shall be: ‘millions of martyrs will march towards Jerusalem,’” Safwat Hagazy said, according to the video aired by Egypt’s religious Annas TV.

The video, which went viral after being posted on YouTube, was translated into English by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“The United States of the Arabs will be restored on the hands of that man [Mursi] and his supporters. The capital of the [Muslim] Caliphate will be Jerusalem with God’s will,” Hegazy said, as the crowds cheered, waving Egyptian and Hamas flags.

“Tomorrow Mursi will liberate Gaza,” the crowds chanted.

“Yes, we will either pray in Jerusalem or we will be martyred there,” Hegazy said…

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Predictably, Muslim Brotherhood wins Egyptian presidency – now comes the anti-Copt pogroms and the abrogation of Camp David 

Whopper of the day: Brotherhood says Mursi no longer a member but embraces him as president of Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Mohamed Morsi Declared Winner of Egypt’s Presidential Election

Islamists Take Control of Egypt – Attorney General Held in Contempt… Obama Goes Golfing

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi: “Jihad Is Our Path & Death in the Name of Allah Is Our Goal”

Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse

White House Congratulates Egypt’s Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood Wins. “The best news since Hamas won.”

The MB’s useful idiots

Avoiding the full Jimmy Carter in Egypt

…Morsi is the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. He captured 51.7 percent of the vote. His opponent, Hosni Mubarak’s former Prime Minister, gained 48.3 percent. So the Egyptians toppled Mubarak and then nearly elected one of his cronies president…

Muslim Brotherhood “wins” Egypt UPDATED [Darlene Click]

John Kerry Defends Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood “Gives you a warm fuzzy that he’s the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, doesn’t it?”

CNN: Islamic terrorist met with top Obama admin. officials at the White House

Priorities: Obama plays 101st game of golf as fires burn, Egypt elects member of Muslim Brotherhood

Gaza Erupts In Celebration After Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Declared Winner Of Egypt’s Presidential Elections…

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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Mursi, an Islamist U.S.-educated engineer who once languished in prison upon the orders of Mubarak officials, won with 51.7 percent of the vote, the commission said, in the presidential run-off election that followed the general vote…

Read the whole thing. September 5th 1972 refers to this

From February 2011, when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said, “What? Me worry?”


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