WSJ: Federal Reserve Mapping Exit From Stimulus

The Lonely Conservative

Is QE Forever going to come to an end? Maybe, sort of, but we don’t know when. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Reserve is now starting to map its exit strategy from ongoing bubble inflation, er, I mean stimulus.

Federal Reserve officials have mapped out a strategy for winding down an unprecedented $85 billion-a-month bond-buying program meant to spur the economy—an effort to preserve flexibility and manage highly unpredictable market expectations.

Officials say they plan to reduce the amount of bonds they buy in careful and potentially halting steps, varying their purchases as their confidence about the job market and inflation evolves. The timing on when to start is still being debated. (Read More)

Tyler Durden thinks it’s going to begin some time around mid -September. Be sure to read his analysis at Zero Hedge. You might want to take a Tums or something first.


Update: Bernanke: Fed Increasing Financial Monitoring

The Federal Reserve has broadened its oversight beyond banks and now monitors a wide-range of financial institutions that could hasten another financial crisis, Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday…


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