Obama Loses Hispanic And Jewish Support

Emma Karlin
The Western Center for Journalism

Last week Barack Obama was proved a liar over his handling of the Libyan embassy attacks and embarrassed by Joe Biden’s inappropriate mugging and laughter during his debate with Paul Ryan.

Within the torrent of bad polling news Obama had to have heard the news that he is now on his way to being the first Democrat to lose the Jewish vote since they started keeping score in 1916.

An Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll says Mitt Romney is leading Obama 44/40 among Jewish voters. While the survey message cautions  this was a small sample of a small group, no amount of “yeah buts” can talk away Obama’s fall from 78% among Jews in 2008 to anything near 40%. Moreover the 16 points of “undecided” are statistically and historically likely to deliver another 13 points to Romney for a mind blowing 57/43 victory among Jews. No Democrat has ever won the presidency while getting less than 68% of the Jewish vote. Of course the experts are scoffing at these numbers, but we’ve already seen two separate surveys showing Obama down to 59% support from Jews and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is getting just 44.2 % overall with the same 16 points of “undecided” in a heavily Jewish district

Saturday Obama got more bad news about is support among a key voting bloc: Florida’s Hispanics…

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Update: And…Simply put, Mitt Romney’s policies are better for gay Americans*

Update 2: Or…The Algemeiner’s Daily Presidential Election IBD/TIPP Jewish Vote Average Tracking Poll – Day 1: Obama: 48% Romney 39%

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