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Kevin Jackson
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2012 Week 11
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This is our Sandra Fluke edition, dedicated to the Liberal liar, who was a Democrat operative passing herself off as a “coed.” Limbaugh has the Left in a tizzy, and that is unfortunately taking the focus off just how stupid Liberal women can be, as Fluke demonstrated.

Essentially she wanted taxpayers to pay for her lifestyle, her ability to have sex. Since when did that become a government responsibility, dare I say an entitlement.



CAJ note: when we were young ‘uns our mum taught us the guy paying your bills makes the rules by which you will live. Why would government entitlements work any differently, we’ve always wondered. Except…government doesn’t actually earn money, it counterfeits it. The people actually paying the bills are the American taxpayers. Unfortunately, they’ve allowed their voice and authority to be ursurped by elected and appointed officials...

UpdateFeminist icons, Fonda & Steinem, out themselves as anti-free speech femi-nazis, call for FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh

You must visit this article, if only for the pictures. Some of us are old enough to know the history of these two women. We agree with Reliapundit: the more Hanoi Jane opens her mouth, the better this will be for Limbaugh.

At GatewayPundit: Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan want Rush Limbaugh taken off the air… But they have no problem with leftie Bill Maher’s “tw-t” and “c-nt” attacks against conservative women.

Gotta read it.

Update 2:  Same message, via Judge Andrew Napolitano and Progressive Libertarianism on Facebook:

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Also, this audio: Adam Carolla on Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke Scandal

Update 3:  Mark Steyn:  The Fluke Charade  Why should we have to fund a middle-aged schoolgirl’s sex life?

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